Chadbourne Avenue | Kitchen, Wet Bar, Master Bath, Office

This project incorporated crisp traditional style with clean lines.  White cabinets and dark floors accentuate the open kitchen and spacious island.  In contrast, the office features white brick walls and dark cabinets.  The play of light and dark is the perfect backdrop for the comfortable furnishing in rich brown leather, camel tones, and red.

Magnolia Ave

This project involved adding on to the house and opening the kitchen, living room and  family room and raising the ceiling to create a spacious area for entertaining.  I served as the architect on the project.   An important factor was taking advantage of the access to the view and backyard and also creating high window to accentuate the ceilings.  Because the kitchen is central in the family area and dining area, the kitchen needed to feel warm and inviting and simultaneously neat and put away.