North Bundy Drive Office

The client requested an Asian style office with shoji screens that slid away into wall pockets and tatami mats.  Instead of traditional tatami mats we used edge bound carpet in a color that would mimic the tatami color.  We also used reed in between the rafters.  The office had a very tall wall for storage which we wanted to keep put away, so we came of up with a split level storage of shoji screens and added a rolling ladder for easy access.

Chadbourne Avenue | Kitchen, Wet Bar, Master Bath, Office

This project incorporated crisp traditional style with clean lines.  White cabinets and dark floors accentuate the open kitchen and spacious island.  In contrast, the office features white brick walls and dark cabinets.  The play of light and dark is the perfect backdrop for the comfortable furnishing in rich brown leather, camel tones, and red.

Woodrow Wilson

Bellani Residence is set in the lush canyons surrounding Mulholland Drive.  The Asian inspired residence offered the perfect back drop for this simple clean contemporary kitchen.  The cabinets are white foil wrap, with hydrolic lift up doors and pull-out pantries for maximum storage.  The laundry is handy in the kitchen and disappears behind white sliding doors with storage to maintain the streamlines of the space.