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Ashdale Lane

The owner of this kitchen loved to bake and while we kept the main cabinets of the kitchen cherry wood, we wanted to the island and the cabinet which diplay her collection of cookie jars to be furniture pieces.  We chose the apple green paint to set the hutch and bakers island apart.


Magnolia Ave

This project involved adding on to the house and opening the kitchen, living room and  family room and raising the ceiling to create a spacious area for entertaining.  I served as the architect on the project.   An important factor was taking advantage of the access to the view and backyard and also creating high window to accentuate the ceilings.  Because the kitchen is central in the family area and dining area, the kitchen needed to feel warm and inviting and simultaneously neat and put away.

Olive Avenue

Enfield Avenue

The Groff residence has been a been a project that has taken place in steps over 5 years and seen the birth of their two daughters.  We started with opening up the family room, dining area and a playroom/office  to the rest of the house, creating a bar for friends to belly up and TV/Fireplace for gathering and then progressed to  working on the living room, powder room, the kitchen and guest room and soon to follow with the Master Bedroom and Bath (more photos to follow).

Contractor for Kitchen, Laundry and Guest Room: Mike Tusso

Cabinets for Kitchen, Laundry and Guest Room: Creative Wood Works

Church Court

Just Drawings

All of the drawings below are originals line drawings by Full Circle Group and hand drawn by Jenny Kallis.  Though CAD is currently the most popular form of drawing plans, the essence of design comes not from the use of the computer but by the knowledge of the use of space and material.  The line drawing provides the depth and detail to show you what your kitchen will ultimately look like.  A truly great drawing has layers of information that helps the contractor to bid and build the final project as it was intended.

In a custom home the drawings require detail and a well thought out plan.  It requires a kind of 3 dimensional thinking that is achieved when hand/eye coordination is employed.