North Bundy Drive Office

The client requested an Asian style office with shoji screens that slid away into wall pockets and tatami mats.  Instead of traditional tatami mats we used edge bound carpet in a color that would mimic the tatami color.  We also used reed in between the rafters.  The office had a very tall wall for storage which we wanted to keep put away, so we came of up with a split level storage of shoji screens and added a rolling ladder for easy access.



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  1. Gravatar of Grace Grace
    23. July 2010 at 11:10

    I love the design, especially the details. I wonder what the materials is for the shoji’s white screen. Is it good enough for weather proof and insulation requirement in winter? Thank you.

  2. Gravatar of admin admin
    23. July 2010 at 13:26

    The shoji door is actually on the inside. There is a real glass door and the Wall is extra thick with a pocket for the Shoji to slide out of the way. The company that did the job is called L.A. Shoji, you can call and ask them is they make doors that have a material that could be used outside. My guess is you would have to have exterior doors built to have a Shoji panel style and then use a frosted laminated glass to create the paper appearance.
    L.A. Shoji
    4848 West Jefferson Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90016-3921
    (323) 732-9161

    Good luck,

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