Just Drawings

All of the drawings below are originals line drawings by Full Circle Group and hand drawn by Jenny Kallis.  Though CAD is currently the most popular form of drawing plans, the essence of design comes not from the use of the computer but by the knowledge of the use of space and material.  The line drawing provides the depth and detail to show you what your kitchen will ultimately look like.  A truly great drawing has layers of information that helps the contractor to bid and build the final project as it was intended.

In a custom home the drawings require detail and a well thought out plan.  It requires a kind of 3 dimensional thinking that is achieved when hand/eye coordination is employed.

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  1. Gravatar of Lucetta Jenison Lucetta Jenison
    10. June 2010 at 20:43

    You are a fantastic designer. Loved working with you on our project in Laguna Beach, CA. You took a tiny commercial space and turned it into a vacation home.

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